Reminder about Players Conduct

It has been reported to the committee that the standard of behaviour at times from some players has been a little below the mark. Players waiting to play around the tables spectating and talking loudly whilst players are trying to play their shots and standing close to the tables in pocket eye lines of players amongst the few incidents. We have had incidents of players barracking at matches and referees not paying attention and in one case a player calling his opponent a cheat even though his own referee made the correct decision!

This is not acceptable in the league’s view, we have had 1 reported incident about a player this past week and various comments about other matches. Please all members make an effort to be courteous to each other when players are at the table. If you are a referee for a frame make sure you concentrate on your game please. We as the league do not want put out bans and suspensions of people but if this carries on we will take action and it will involve players being removed from the league.